I think I saw some zombies in the park over there. =|

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ned Stark - Winter is Coming

Acrylics and Prisma color pencils on 50 x 20 illustration board

San Jose Big Wow 2012 Comic Book Convention

On Saturday I went to The San Jose Big Wow Comic Book Convention!! (convenient since I live in San Jose =)) I sat in a 2 hour painting demo by Joe Jusko and followed immediately by a 2hr live model drawing class with Frank Cho. I learned two things. 1. Joe Jusko is a ridiculously awesome illustrator and all around cool guy. This was his first live demo ever!! (He told me afterwards that he was really nervous about it, which I found unbelievable. I told him he was a natural.) 2. Frank Cho is a funny guy. HAHAHA!! The guy loves his boobs and butt! His class was a lot of fun. Had a good time this weekend. Big Wow is a small convention but the names came out. Last year Adam Hughes was here. This year we got Travis Charest, Tim Bradstreet, Thomas "The Punisher" Jane, Joe Jusko, Cat Staggs, and the show stopper, Jim "line for 3 hours" Lee. I got there at 12:30 and the line was snaking through the artist row and around to the eating area. I had to leave around 4:30 and the line was still the same length. There were a lot of other artist there as well but I can't remember the names. Good times. =D

Boba Fett and Han Solo

Acrylic and prisma pencils on 15x20 illustration board

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Indiana Jones

Inspired by the works of Drew Struzan, Matt Busch and Mark Raats I'm hoping to do more of these because I REALLY enjoyed it and I'm quite please with the end results. It can only get better, right? Acrylic and colored pencils on 15 X 20 illustration board