I think I saw some zombies in the park over there. =|

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie. Sucker Punch

Don't know if the story will be good or not but it will most definitely be a visual jackpot!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Venom Hates Spider-Man walkthrough

This won't be so much a tutorial as it is just me talking, but I'm hoping this will help in someway and at least give a little insight as to how I normally approach a painting like this. Also, I mention some names of artists who all inspire me with their incredible work. You can find all of the mentioned names on the list of inspirations on the right side of the page. This list will be getting larger, trust me =)

Venom Hates Spider-Man (but loves Mary-Jane?)

I've been really studying the artwork of Dan Luvisi, Serge "Papa Ninja", Dave "Loopydave, and Adam Hughes lately. There execution is really inspiring and I'm trying to strive for that level of artwork. I feel this is a step in the right direction. Oh.......poor MJ.

Giant Walking Down the River